Industrial Coatings Application
Prime Coatings, Inc. cut its teeth in the industrial coatings sector, with vast experience preparing and coating a variety of structures; from small, rapid-deployment bridge beam-end painting, to multi-span truss bridges and elevated water tanks, we have the skills and experience to complete the work at a high-level.
Concrete Coatings Application
Preparing and coating concrete structures to extend their service life is becoming increasingly popular, and Prime Coatings has a multitude of experience coating bridge substructure elements, highway barrier, and more.
Surface Preparation & Deleading
We specialize in wet/dry abrasive blasting and hand/power-tooling methodologies, to remove obsolete coatings, lead-bearing paints, and corrosion products, and install anchor profiles for the application of protective coatings.
Suspended Platform Installation
An indirect requirement of industrial field painting is the ability to be “access-specialists”, and Prime Coatings has vast experience installing a variety of suspended work platforms for the coatings and construction industries.
Temporary Traffic Control
Our rapid-deployment overpass crews rely entirely on our experience performing temporary traffic control in accordance with state and federal regulations.
Bridge Cleaning and Preservation
Regular preventative maintenance is often far more cost-effective than repairs and replacements, and Prime Coatings is the industry leader in bridge cleaning services: our rapid-deployment techniques and custom, specialized equipment enable us our crews to remove dirt, oils, deicing materials, pigeon excrement, and other contaminants from bridges and other industrial structures, to arrest the corrosion process and extend the service life of costly assets.
Remote Selective Brush Clearing
Prime Coatings has invested in state-of-the-art, unmanned mulching machinery to safely clear and thin excess vegetation within state highway layouts, particularly around bridge substructure elements.